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Doom of Draven

Last night our new adventurers took upon them the task of checking on a missing man, who was attacked by creatures near the village graveyard as he and Calden, his friend, were walking past to get to town for a few drinks. The group met up with some very large and nasty rats and a few zombies that tested their ranged attacks as well as melee attacks. Content Not Found: zelz’s spirit animal stood inthe middle of the action for most of the battle and Erevan was strong with his magic missles, while Lexer had trouble hitting anything at all, and Blue spent most of the evening in the arms of one of the zombies. After finally defeating the last of the zombies, they noticed a light through the trees towards the Darlow Hills a few hundred yards away. As soon as they noticed the light, the light vanished. Since it was so late in the night the group decided to return to the Broken Antler and report their findings, mostly the insides of Karl spread about the path, to the locals and to take advantage of [[:Ang Ful]]’s offer of free room and meals for what they had done. Next week we’ll find out what the group would like to do next!

To The Barlow Hills

To The Barlow Hills

After speaking with a few people in Draven, our adventurers sought out a mysterious light off in the distance past the cemetary towards the Barlow Hills and have found the old mine they heard about and then discovered that a clan of kobolds have taken up residents there. They have battled a few guards in the opening cave room and are in the process of playing a little bit of peek-a-boo with some more kobolds through a door. Next week we’ll find out who really wins at Kobold peek-a-boo and also “Hey where’s Lexer? Overslept at the tavern?”

Spiders and Kobolds and Zombies Oh My!

The trio of adventurers have made their way deeper into the old mine that the kobolds have been making into their own den. After avoiding a trapped room and battling a giant spider in a dark and narrow passage way, the group found a make shift jail room which 2 kobold guards were in along with some more zombies trapped behind the jail bars. Lexer has been wandering around town wondering where is adventuring buddies went.
We took this week off and will return next week for more slaying.
As DMC I am curious as to if there is an interest to record our adventures as a podcast or video streamcast and post. ???
Giant spider

Return to Draven: Adventure 1 Complete!

Blue, Zelzanord, and Erevan dug deeper into the cave and fought some more zombies and kobolds, and even met up with a small group of stirge. Finally they met the ring leader, Sontor, a human mage experimenting with the dark arts and using kidnapped kids as sacrifices. The three fearless adventures were able to defeat their foes and overcome other adversities, such as those pesky doors that only open one way, and return to Draven as heroes. With the weakened children on their shoulders, they return to the village and are greeted and celebrated with a proper heroes’ welcome.
This was the first adventure for this group and my first selfmade adventure. Kenny will be creating and DMing the next adventure that will be contained within the same campaign and world. We are creating this world together as a group and we are going to experiment with rotating the DM role, which should give us a more rich and unpredictable campaign.
We wish for the return of Lexer, while we will also welcome a new adventurer, Slayno Kullvon, to the group as I will be rolling a new character for the first time as I take a break from DMing and take my turn at rolling for the good guys.

Adventure 2: Journey to the Far Guard Tower
Righteous Path Through the Forest of Old

During the last adventure the party picked up a small black sphere from Sontor with a mysterious “T” drawn on it. After asking around in the town the party found out that the symbol was the Tor family crest. Apparently the Tor brothers who fled the town long ago may be brewing an evil plot to attack the town. There were Four Brothers:

  1. Layjin Tor oldest. A servant of the town and known statesman
  2. Mach Tor 2nd oldest. Worked at the local magic shoppe.
  3. Zay Tor 3rd oldest. Displayed a history of violent behavior.
  4. Son Tor The youngest. A mage that the party slew in the last quest.

    Before the party could depart on this quest, they had to part ways with Erevan who’s family had sent for her. As luck would have it they were joined by a prodigal Avenger named Slayno Kullvon who offered his sword in aid of their quest.
    So the party set off to the Far Guard Tower north, beyond the Forest of Old. Along the way they were ambushed by Goblins and later ambushed a kobold encampment before arriving at the tower. Slayno Kullvon has proven his battle chops both giving and receiving many mighty wounds. Finally the party arrived at the tower.
Lancelot, Galahad and I *LEAP* out of the rabbit!
Attack on Far Guard Tower

The party finally reaches the Far Guard Tower only to find it is swarming with goblin guards. After making several dungeoneering decisions on how to approach the party launches a calculated attack and engages in a long battle that last the entire session. Slayno is badly injured and the party decides to rest for the night.
Holy grail066

Storming the Tower part 1
So long boys, have fun stormin' da castle!

The party can find no entrance to the Far Guard Tower from the outside. After investigating a nearby tent they find a well with a ladder leading down underground. Slayno barvely heads down first to investigate and finds a narrow passage. The rest of the party follows. They come across a Goblin Fight club. After listening for a short time the party jumps in and attacks!

After defeating the goblins the party heads up the stairs to the ground floor. After sneaking around the party finds Zay Tor working on his plot to attack Draven. The party attempts to parlay with Zay Tor but fails miserably. Zelzanord even improvises a Tor brother song, but Zay Tor is not amused. He and his pets wolves attack. The battle is not an easy one, our heroes have met a formidable foe. At one point Slayno is knocked unconscious and almost dies before Zelzanord can heal him. The party narrowly defeats Zay Tor and his wolves. Now, who in the party will take Zay Tor’s magical sword?

Storming the Tower part 2

After vanquishing Zay Tor the party found Vortrox, a Dragonbord Warlord being held prisoner. Uniting around a common enemy the party headed up stairs to find some deserted barracks and weapon room. Later the party stumbled upon a pair of acid-brewing Goblin Hexers. After defeating them they head into the next room to find… Mach Tor. In the midst of a heated battle he brought back the ghosts of his brothers Son Tor and Zay Tor.

To be continued…

Storming the Tower Part 3:

The party vanquished the last remaining Tor brothers and the town of Draven was safe once again.
Guys we need more here, but I’m too lazy to write it -BGB


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