The World of Murtoh

Adventure 3, Part 3
Further down rabbit hole

Licking their wounds from the battle with the Baleful Eye and its minions the party descended further into the cave. The further they went, the more unnatural and consuming the darkness of the cave became.

The party descended upon a group of Dolgrims, also known as “Double-Goblins”. Foul twisted creatures with 2 mouths and 4 arms. Ungolianth “Goli” took point and was quickly surrounded, flanked and battered while the of the party attacked from afar. The party survived and was able to quickly regenerate from a nearby natural well of Dwarven Deepwater.

Fully rested and eager to find Mumrah the party continued on into the inky blackness. The darkness only seemed to grow deeper and stronger. Torchlight was swallowed up, barely reaching 5 feet out.

Out of nowhwere, The Living Darkness swallowed up Ungolianth “Goli”. The adventures fought against the inky blackness as it grabbed at them and tried to suck their life force away. The hero of the day was Blue who unleashed a flurry of dual-wielding masterwork against the unsuspecting Darkness. After it was defeated the party collected the residuum left behind and headed further down into the cave.

Adventure 3, Part 2
Battle with the Cultists!

The party moved on through the cave and stumbled upon cultists performing a ceremony guarded by a giant eye in the middle of the wall. While the cultists were engrossed in their ritual, the eye was immediately upon them penetrating the mind of the nearest adventurer with psychic power.

The ensuing battle lasted the entire 3 hours of gameplay. Blue was knocked unconscious by the Eye and nearly died. The other party members were also gravely wounded during the fight but all managed to survive

After the cultists were killed and the eye was destroyed the, an opening emerged in the side of one wall of the chamber

Adventure 3, Part 1
The Search for Mumrah

After defeating the Tor brothers, the party was given a hero’s welcome back in Draven. The town celebrated the defeat of the threat, but at the same time mourned the loss of the brothers who were once the golden children of the village.

During the festivities Erevan returned from the Feywild to great her former comrades. She had new information on her teacher Mumrah’s whereabouts and asked the party for their help in locating her in Blackroot. The mayor begged and pleaded the adventurers to stay to help defend against future threats. As a compromise Lexer,Zelzanord and Vortrox stayed behind.

Erevan, Slayno and Blue (a.k.a. “Bluuuuuuue”) headed west through the Swollen Goat Marshes to arrive at the town of Blackroot. It is a small farming villagers where most townspeople work in the nearby orchard. There they were greeted by the mayor of the town Toraash who was slightly less than helpful. He mentioned that he knew Mumrah had left town recently but she hadn’t told anyone where. The party was free to visit her house but was urged to leave the following morning.

After searching a nearby house that was also empty, the party went to visit Mumrah’s house. There they encountered Ungolianth; a friend of Mumrah who was also investigating her disappearance. After a short mutual questioning session the party joined forces with Ungolianth to try to track down Mumrah. A search of the house revealed that there had a been a struggle that was hastily covered up. The table had been put back together and there were drops of blood on the floor. The party found an obsidian dagger shard and a pendant that turned out to be the symbol of The Dragon Below.

Following a trail of blood and faint magical energy the party, now 4 strong, headed north outside the village into the forest. Along a path that cut through the orchards the party came to a clearing at the mouth of a big cave. 2 orc lumberjack guards urged the party to move along because a private religious ceremony was being held inside. Erevan decided to use her magical and religious knowledge to try to pull a fast one on the guards. She pulled out the pendant and told them she was Priestess Erevan, heading into the cave to perform the rite of the Dragon’s Eye. After a mix of clever bamboozlery and some outright intimidation maneuvers, the party was able to enter the cave without a fight.

Inside the cave, things just got stranger. The party saw names in a mystic script written on the walls moving about… In the background the subtle chant of “bum-bah-dah-lay-umm-bay-um” grew stronger… Still the party pressed on determined to find what had become of Mumrah, and what this cult was doing in this majestically-perverse cave…

Approaching what appeared to almost be an anteroom, the party found a giant glowing magical rune on the far end. In an alcove to the anteroom they found a statue of the Dragon Below and also desecrated statues of Bahamut and The Raven Queen. Slayno Kullvon’s blood began to boil as he thought of the fierce vengeance he would enact upon those dastardly enough to blaspheme against the Raven Queen.

Ungolianth was able to detect the menacing nature of the rune and urged her new found friends to avoid stepping on it. Erevan tried to do a running leap over the rune but failed. She was magically charmed by the rune and began casting spells at her friends. A struggle and comedy of errors ensued. Erevan was able to break free and disable part of the rune, but then was charmed by it again. The rune’s magical powers caused her to blast and pelt and allies and herself with spells, nearly tearing the group apart from within. Blue was also briefly charmed. The adventurers were able to finally get passed the rune but not before sustaining considerable collateral damage as a result of friendly fire. Stopping briefly to tend to their wounds, the party pressed onawrd into inky blackness of the cave…

Storming the Tower Part 3:

The party vanquished the last remaining Tor brothers and the town of Draven was safe once again.
Guys we need more here, but I’m too lazy to write it -BGB

Storming the Tower part 2

After vanquishing Zay Tor the party found Vortrox, a Dragonbord Warlord being held prisoner. Uniting around a common enemy the party headed up stairs to find some deserted barracks and weapon room. Later the party stumbled upon a pair of acid-brewing Goblin Hexers. After defeating them they head into the next room to find… Mach Tor. In the midst of a heated battle he brought back the ghosts of his brothers Son Tor and Zay Tor.

To be continued…

Storming the Tower part 1
So long boys, have fun stormin' da castle!

The party can find no entrance to the Far Guard Tower from the outside. After investigating a nearby tent they find a well with a ladder leading down underground. Slayno barvely heads down first to investigate and finds a narrow passage. The rest of the party follows. They come across a Goblin Fight club. After listening for a short time the party jumps in and attacks!

After defeating the goblins the party heads up the stairs to the ground floor. After sneaking around the party finds Zay Tor working on his plot to attack Draven. The party attempts to parlay with Zay Tor but fails miserably. Zelzanord even improvises a Tor brother song, but Zay Tor is not amused. He and his pets wolves attack. The battle is not an easy one, our heroes have met a formidable foe. At one point Slayno is knocked unconscious and almost dies before Zelzanord can heal him. The party narrowly defeats Zay Tor and his wolves. Now, who in the party will take Zay Tor’s magical sword?

Lancelot, Galahad and I *LEAP* out of the rabbit!
Attack on Far Guard Tower

The party finally reaches the Far Guard Tower only to find it is swarming with goblin guards. After making several dungeoneering decisions on how to approach the party launches a calculated attack and engages in a long battle that last the entire session. Slayno is badly injured and the party decides to rest for the night.
Holy grail066

Adventure 2: Journey to the Far Guard Tower
Righteous Path Through the Forest of Old

During the last adventure the party picked up a small black sphere from Sontor with a mysterious “T” drawn on it. After asking around in the town the party found out that the symbol was the Tor family crest. Apparently the Tor brothers who fled the town long ago may be brewing an evil plot to attack the town. There were Four Brothers:

  1. Layjin Tor oldest. A servant of the town and known statesman
  2. Mach Tor 2nd oldest. Worked at the local magic shoppe.
  3. Zay Tor 3rd oldest. Displayed a history of violent behavior.
  4. Son Tor The youngest. A mage that the party slew in the last quest.

    Before the party could depart on this quest, they had to part ways with Erevan who’s family had sent for her. As luck would have it they were joined by a prodigal Avenger named Slayno Kullvon who offered his sword in aid of their quest.
    So the party set off to the Far Guard Tower north, beyond the Forest of Old. Along the way they were ambushed by Goblins and later ambushed a kobold encampment before arriving at the tower. Slayno Kullvon has proven his battle chops both giving and receiving many mighty wounds. Finally the party arrived at the tower.
Return to Draven: Adventure 1 Complete!

Blue, Zelzanord, and Erevan dug deeper into the cave and fought some more zombies and kobolds, and even met up with a small group of stirge. Finally they met the ring leader, Sontor, a human mage experimenting with the dark arts and using kidnapped kids as sacrifices. The three fearless adventures were able to defeat their foes and overcome other adversities, such as those pesky doors that only open one way, and return to Draven as heroes. With the weakened children on their shoulders, they return to the village and are greeted and celebrated with a proper heroes’ welcome.
This was the first adventure for this group and my first selfmade adventure. Kenny will be creating and DMing the next adventure that will be contained within the same campaign and world. We are creating this world together as a group and we are going to experiment with rotating the DM role, which should give us a more rich and unpredictable campaign.
We wish for the return of Lexer, while we will also welcome a new adventurer, Slayno Kullvon, to the group as I will be rolling a new character for the first time as I take a break from DMing and take my turn at rolling for the good guys.

Spiders and Kobolds and Zombies Oh My!

The trio of adventurers have made their way deeper into the old mine that the kobolds have been making into their own den. After avoiding a trapped room and battling a giant spider in a dark and narrow passage way, the group found a make shift jail room which 2 kobold guards were in along with some more zombies trapped behind the jail bars. Lexer has been wandering around town wondering where is adventuring buddies went.
We took this week off and will return next week for more slaying.
As DMC I am curious as to if there is an interest to record our adventures as a podcast or video streamcast and post. ???
Giant spider


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