The World of Murtoh

Adventure 5, part 7
Bloody Battles Will Be Fought Here

Venturing further into the Horned Hold the party stormed a smith-room to fight a group of Orcs and Duergar. Blades clashed for what seemed like ages before all the bad guys fell. The party was badly wounded, but learned much during the battle. They regrouped and headed back to The 7 Pillared hall to rest and study.

The party gained enough experience to get up to level 5. Yay!!

Adventure 5 part 6
Approaching the Horned Hold

The party ventured through the passages of Thunderspire, finally reaching the Horned Hold. Upon approaching the portcullis of the first building they were attacked by Hungry Hyenas.

After dispatching the Hyenas the party tried to parlay with the orc guards to let them past the portcullis. Their negotiations were unsuccessful. The groups exchanged missile file from either side of the portcullis. Goli was able to position himself tactically in a defensive stance to ward of missile file and provide cover for his allies.

The party eventually slew 3 of the orcs and another 2 got away. After Goli pulled open the portcullis the party took a moment to rest and catch their breath before going further into the Horned Hold.

Adventure 5, part 5
Critical WINS

Exploring the Chamber of Eyes further, the party stumbled upon a group of Hobgoblins, goblins and humans. After some Mario-style barrel jumping and lots of amateur-ish comical misses the party vanquished them and returned to the 7-pillared hall.
In our last episode the heroes found a letter from Murkelmor Grimmerzhul about paying for slaves and made a point to seek answers about this when the returned to the 7 pillared hall. After a night’s rest at the Halfmoon Inn, the party set about to ask around
It did not take long. The party headed to the Grimmerzhul trading post, figuring it would be a good but probably dangerous place to seek information. Immediately upon inquiring about Murkelmor, the Duergar shopkeepers angrily drew their Warhammers ready to fight the heroes to the death. Thankfully, Erevanwas able to quickly mediate and talk the Duergar into giving Murkelmor’s whereabouts without any bloodshed.
The Duergar told the heroes that Murkelmor could be found in the Horned Hold. After some prodding the party was able to even get a map. Without much further ado the party set out bound for the Horned Hold, knowing very little about what would await them…

Adventure 5 part 3
Further into the Chamber of Eyes

The party explored the Chamber of Eyes of further. After some detective work they were able to find a secret door that led to a back entrance to the main chamber of eyes. In that room they found 3 hobgoblin archers and a DIRE WOLF. Goali fought bravely but was eventually felled by the archer’s arrows. Zelzanord was able to revive him and lend him his longspear. After a long battle the party emerged victorious and went on to explore the chamber further…

Adventure 5 part 2
Taking on the Blood Reavers

The party infiltrated the Chamber of Eyes further. They battled Goblins, Bugbears, Duergar and Hobgoblins. There was still much to explore…

Adventure 5
Journey to the 7 Pillared Hall!

The party learned of kidnappings going on in the roads outside Draven. Based on a letter that the mayor of Draven had found, a gang of slavers calling themselves the “Blood Reavers” had put out bounties for humanoid slaves. The party headed to Thunderspire, a nearby mountain to investigate.

Inside the mountain of Thunderspire was the 7 Pillared Hall, a semi-underground city where surfacers and underdark denizens live and trade. The town is overseen by the mages of Saruun. The local law enforcement is Brugg, a callous ogre of few words. The party asked around for information about the Blood Reavers and the disappearances. It turned out that the Blood Reavers are a gang of Hobgoblins who live in the Chamber of Eyes, an area of the labyrinth.

After considering their options the party decided to allow Rendil Halfmoon, a local Halfling to guide them to the Chamber of Eyes inside the labyrinth. They arrived to find the initial chamber empty and headed further inside, knowing not what would await…

Adventure 4 part 3
High Rollin'!

The party searched the rest of the town and found a man named Malfun mourning over his slain brother. They had been waylaid by Halflings while searching for the missing mayor of Hamilton.

Led by Malfun, the party found the hideout of the kidnappers. After breaking down the backdoor, the party fought Halflings and Warforgeds who had been holding the Mayors of Draven and Hamilton hostage. The Raven Queen favored the party in combat, guiding their blows as they defeated the kidnappers and rescued both mayors.

Adventure 4 part 2
Unscrupulous deeds

The party continued after the dopplegangers hoping to find Ang Ful and the Mayor to clear their name. After traveling through the woods they came upon a group of halflings fighting a group of dopplegangers. The party helped the halflings defeat the dopplegangers, but found them less than grateful.

Unable to get any more clues from the halflings, the party began snooping around the halfling town. The halflings seemed suspicious but the party couldn’t figure out why. After several fruitless searches and eavesdrops, the party finally stumbled upon two halflings sending off a horse with an unconscious man on top.

Erevan’s ray of frost was able to take out the horse and horseman before they could escape. But this action angered the halfling family who retaliated against the party. After reluctantly vanquishing the halflings, the party was able to rescue the unconscious man on the horse who turned out to be Ang Ful.

Ang could not recall how he got to where he was. He asked the party to help find the mayor and return him to town.

Adventure 4 part 1
Kidapping and Scandal!

The party returned to Draven tired and weary from their adventure in Blackroot. Upon arriving they immediately saw a woman run screaming out of the Broken Antler. When they tried to investigate the door was barred and two men refused to let them in. The party broken in through the backdoor to find 5 dead bodies inside.

When they re-emerged the townsfolk had surrounded them, accusing them of murder. They also found out that three townspeople inclurding Ang Ful and their friend Zelzanord had been kidnapped. After a nearly violent altercation, the party convinced the townspeople that they were not the killers. The party vowed to clear their name and rescue the missing.

Irregardless the frantic townspeople subdued the party, and when they woke up they were in a boathouse full of fresh fish. Escaping through a hole in the floor below the fish pile, the party met up with Quoros, a townsperson. He said that there was a conspiracy against the townspeople and they would need to head up the river to clear their name.

They stumbled upon a group of humans who fought them at first site without a word. During the battle some ran away, but the party was able to rescue Zelzanord. When the last one in the battle died it changed forms several times, leading the party to believe they were dopplegangers.

Adventure 3, Part 4

After defeating the Living Darkness the party descended further into the cave. Leaving a trail of dead cultists in their wake, the party finally caught up with Toraash who had Mumrah hostage and was preparing the final ritual to sacrifice villagers to the Dragon Below.

In a bloody battle that left both Ungolianth “Goli” and Blue unconscious by the end, the party finally defeated Toraash and the cultists.

Lastly, they freed the remaining villagers from the Soul Prison, the very belly of the Dragon Below. When the party returned to Blackroot, Mumrah urged the party to return Draven. She told Erevan and Ungolianth “Goli” she would seem them again one day.

Great job guys! I had a blast DMing this adventure and look forward to Randy’s adventure. From the bits I’ve been able to gather this one is going to be a doozy, so hold on to your seats! -Ben


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