The World of Murtoh

Adventure 7, part 3

Journey to the Astral Plane

The party headed back to the 7-pillared hall to rest up and refill on healing potions.

They returned to Tal Lorvas’ lair and activated the Astral portal. Instead of the Spheres Beyond they ended up in a bar call the Dead Parrot on an island in the Astral Sea called East Nowhere. There they met several characters, Zatz the bartender, Durian a drunken dwarf who only wanted to play drinking games and Habajack, a drunken elf who happened to captain a ship.

They convinced Habajack to take them to the Spheres Beyond. During the journey, the party was attacked by Pirates who were collecting a debt from Habajack. He was killed in the battle and his ship was destroyed. Now aboard an unfamiliar ship with its former crew dead and their barely green astral sea legs the party had to find a way to the Spheres Beyond…



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