The World of Murtoh

Adventure 6 Begins!

Trip to the Orphanage

During a respite at the 7 Pillared Hall, Slayno emerged! He had been living in Draven, but grown quite bored. He gathered news that his old orphanage had been having troubles of late, and rumors of possible treasures made him want to investigate. He gathered his friends and they took off for the town of Hedgebird.

On their way they were approached by Jack Tarnak, a local farmer who’s boys went missing in the old orphanage house. They vowed to help him find his sons. On the way to the house, they were waylaid by wolves, who seemed to have some sort of magical taint.

Once they approached the house, Jack waited outside. He didn’t want to go in. The party began to explore the old orphanage. Something was not right. Slayno could have sworn he saw a young child. Goalie got weird feelings. Blue even smelled bread baking in the oven of the abandoned kitchen.

They met a young woman named Talia who had been living in the house. She said her husband was out to kill her, and she needed their help to protect her and her children. So the party decided to explore the house with her more, and bring her children to safety…



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