The World of Murtoh

Adventure 7, part 3
Journey to the Astral Plane

The party headed back to the 7-pillared hall to rest up and refill on healing potions.

They returned to Tal Lorvas’ lair and activated the Astral portal. Instead of the Spheres Beyond they ended up in a bar call the Dead Parrot on an island in the Astral Sea called East Nowhere. There they met several characters, Zatz the bartender, Durian a drunken dwarf who only wanted to play drinking games and Habajack, a drunken elf who happened to captain a ship.

They convinced Habajack to take them to the Spheres Beyond. During the journey, the party was attacked by Pirates who were collecting a debt from Habajack. He was killed in the battle and his ship was destroyed. Now aboard an unfamiliar ship with its former crew dead and their barely green astral sea legs the party had to find a way to the Spheres Beyond…

Adventure 7, part 2

The party cleaned out the rest of the chambers of Tal Lorvas, defeating his zombie hulk and skeletons.

Adventure 7 begins

The party was greeted by a messenger boy, who says the that the mages of saroun have summoned them back to the 7 pillared hall:

Adventurers, the Mages of Sauron have gotten word of your deeds. We seek your assistance in a confidential matter. Please arrive at the tower by tomorrow, or earlier if possible. You may if you, wish press your thumb against the seal at the bottom of this letter to be teleported to our antechamber.

You arrive in antechamber of the Mages of Sauron. A large fountain stands in the center of the antechamber, quietly bubbling. Almost magically light shines down upon it, appearing be sunlight coming down through a narrow crack or mineshaft in Thunderspire. The sunlight refracts against the fountain illuminating the room with a prismatic effect, spraying the full spectrum of colors on the limestone walls, twice over. In the far corner of the room, an Eladrin woman gently plays a harp. The acoustics of the chamber seem to be almost perfect, and the sounds of the harp coupled with the beautiful array of colors fill you with a childlike wonder. You notice chairs behind you and take a seat. The chairs are comfortable and given the peacefulness of this chamber, you feel as if you could sit here for days marveling at the sights and sounds.

Just then, an older man with a salt and pepper beard in purple robes emerges from a nearby door. “Greetings, adventurers! My name is Delonaut, esteemed Mage of Sauron. I bid you good day, please come with me…”

You walk into the Mage’s study. The pungent aroma of incense wafts in the air. Bookcases of dusty tomes line the wall behind his desk. A cat perches atop of the one bookcases and snarls at you when you first notice him.

Delonaut engages in small talk with the PCs. When asked why he brought them there:

_Oh yes, of course. You see, I have heard of your courageous deeds and I am in need of your assistance with a few things. First off, a renegade mage has been causing us some trouble as of late. Tal Lorvas, a tiefling wizard was banished from the Seven Pillared Hall for practicing necromancy, a school of magic we here in the tower frown upon. It seems he has not left thunderspire, and has taken up residence nearby. We suspect he is behind the recent grave robberies that have been happening lately and must be stopped. Furthermore, the chamber he has taken over is of magical interest to us. I have been doing research, and the chamber he has taken over was once the quarters of a great minotaur sorceress named Nemeia (Neh-may-uh). According to some ancient texts I’ve found, Nemeia had created a portal to the Astral Sea. This only gets more interesting. You see, employing some advanced dwarven cartography techniques I was able to figure out that the entry point to the Astral Sea was near a place of a great interest… [he pauses, dramatically] THE SPHERES BEYOND. [the cat howls, and a chill runs down your spine] It is rumored that many magical items of great power rest in the Spheres Beyond. Many adventurers have longed to plunder it, but none have been able to find a way there. With my assistance, I can get you there, in return for a favor of course. There is one item that is of particular value to us, and I would pay you handsomely for its return. You may keep all else you find there, but return this one item to me… The Red Rod of Wonder. I will gladly pay you 1,000 gold for the head of Mr. Lorvas, and another 3,500 gold for the return of the rod_

The party had questions about the astral sea, which Delonaut put to rest. He marks the location of Tal Lorvas’ hideout on their map.

The party entered the chamber only to be immediate attacked by skeletons and wights. Poison gas swirled up in the center, but they were able to avoid it. Resting from their wounds, they headed further down, to see what would await them in the dark necromancer’s hideout…

Adventure 6 concludes!

Well, in 2 more sessions Adventure 6 was over. Talia turned out to be possessed by Granny DeMay, the house mother who still haunted the orphanage. The party fought Tiberias, a zombie who was once Talia’s husband. During the battle Salazaar acquired a sword that was lodged in his head. Based on clues they picked up they ventured down to the basement where they finally faced Granny DeMay’s ghost and rescued Talia’s daughter along with Jack Tarnak’s boys. They stayed the night at the Tarnak place, only to be summoned back to the 7 Pillared Hall the following morning…

Adventure 6 Begins!
Trip to the Orphanage

During a respite at the 7 Pillared Hall, Slayno emerged! He had been living in Draven, but grown quite bored. He gathered news that his old orphanage had been having troubles of late, and rumors of possible treasures made him want to investigate. He gathered his friends and they took off for the town of Hedgebird.

On their way they were approached by Jack Tarnak, a local farmer who’s boys went missing in the old orphanage house. They vowed to help him find his sons. On the way to the house, they were waylaid by wolves, who seemed to have some sort of magical taint.

Once they approached the house, Jack waited outside. He didn’t want to go in. The party began to explore the old orphanage. Something was not right. Slayno could have sworn he saw a young child. Goalie got weird feelings. Blue even smelled bread baking in the oven of the abandoned kitchen.

They met a young woman named Talia who had been living in the house. She said her husband was out to kill her, and she needed their help to protect her and her children. So the party decided to explore the house with her more, and bring her children to safety…

Adventure 5 part 12

The party explored the Horned Hold more to find that someone named Paldomar was behind Murkelmor. It turns out that Paldomar was a Mage of Sauron who had recently disappeared.

During their rest back at the Halfmoon Inn, the party met Salazaar, a Dragonborn assassin who asked to join their ranks. They were hesitant at first but ultimately was given an anonymous letter. Defectors within Paldomar’s organization wanted to reach out to aid them.

When they finally showed up at the secret location, it turns out it was a trap!! Two tieflings and a golem attacked the party! They survived… and were determined to hunt down Paldomar once they got wind of his whereabouts.

Taking out Murkelmor

In a very tough battle, the party finally defeated Murkelmor Grimmerzhul!!

Adventure 5, part 10
More of the Horned Hold

The party explored more of the Western tower in the Horned hold. They battled some orc guards and an ogre. They found a staircase upstairs but decided to explore the rest of the bottom floor. Finally they stumbled upon a group of duergar… and it looks like one of them maybe Murkelmore…

Adventure 5, part 9
Return to the Horned Hold

The party returned to the Horned Hold to find that the first tower was re-occupied. After another bloody battle through the portcullis, the party found the rest of the tower deserted as before. They went on to explore the 2nd tower, running into another group of duergar, but no Murkelmore… yet.

Adventure 5, part 8
Return to the 7-Pillared Hall

On the way back from Horned Hold the party was waylaid by a dwarf named Thane and his bezerker mercenaries. Thane insisted the party bow before him. They refused and the battle began. Thane went down quickly but the bezerkers badly wounded the party before they could defeat them.

The party returned to the 7 pillared hall to sell their treasure, collect their reward for the scepter and train their new powers. Rested up, wealthier and more powerful they were ready to return to the Horned Hold and confront Murkelmor Grimmerzhul once and for all…


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